You are working in the position of helping others as a humanitarian worker, nurse, fireman/woman, police officer, healer or war journalist and witness many situations of hardship and emotional distress in others on a regular basis?

You feel caught between the time you have to accomplish your work and the time needed to really connect with the people you are helping?

You feel tired or disenchanted?

You need more time than usual to get back on your feet?

You feel that you are empty and don’t know how you will be able to get through your day?

You struggle to communicate what you are going through with the people that are important to you?

Maybe you just need a safe space and someone who listens to you, maybe you need a more in-depth support and new and sustainable ways to cope with what you are going through.

My name is Gaël Chardac. As a former humanitarian worker I’ve been in situations like these and had to learn the hard way how to get help and learn tools to integrate tough experiences to preserve my emotional, mental and physical health.
Find out more about my path here.

As a life coach it is my deep desire to support people like you.
So you can keep following your passion helping others
with more of yourself – and not less.

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