Support Circles

Group supervision

On Thursdays twice a month from 18:00pm to 19:30 I offer a group supervision in my practice in Berlin.
See all dates in the calendar here.

Come and meet other helping professionals and see how sharing what you are going through with other people who are going though the same is helpful and supportive. During these evenings I will facilitate the discussion around specific topics that are relevant to the helping profession and we will have room for personal process when needed as well.

The cost per person per evening is €15. 

Please reserve your seat in advance in clicking the button below.


Twice a month on Wednesday evenings from 18:00 to 18:45 I offer a guided meditation in English and German in my practice in Berlin. See all dates in the calender here.

The attendance is free but you need to book in advance using the button below.

We start on time and I will not be able to interrupt the meditation to open the door for you after we have started.
Please come at least 5 mins before we start.

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